Safety, Environmental and Social

We structure our Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Priority Areas, into: Health, Safety and Environment, Governance, Our People and Communities, and Climate Change, with each aligned to relevant UN SDGs.

Health, Safety &

Horizon actively engages with our JV partners and operators through monthly meetings and half-yearly committee meetings to discuss health, safety and security (HSS) issues and operators report monthly to Horizon on agreed metrics. Horizon’s Board have oversight of HSSE performance trends and all material HSSE incidents, through regular incident reporting. Horizon’s HSSE Policy is available in the link below.

The Horizon Group is subject to significant environmental regulation in respect of exploration, development and production activities in the countries in which it operates – China and New Zealand. Horizon Oil Limited is committed to undertaking all its exploration, development and production activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our People &

Our employees will deliver Horizon’s future and so we want our employees to be proud to work for Horizon. Horizon recognises that it must empower employees and promote diversity so that its people can achieve their personal best. We also acknowledge the communities that we work in, and that our sustainability comes from investing in our communities.

Horizon continues to work with our operators and partners to identify and participate in meaningful community based projects in both New Zealand and China.


Horizon has an ambition to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050, consistent with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Horizon considers that the oil and gas industry has a critical role to play in the energy mix over the next few decades to ensure sustained economic development, improvements in the quality of life and the eradication of poverty. We are focused on delivering reliable and affordable oil (and possible future gas) production over the transition period whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

We work closely with our operators to make tangible progress in carbon emission and energy reduction initiatives.

Our Climate Change disclosures follow TCFD guidelines, around the four themes of Governance, Strategy, Risk Management and Metrics.

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Horizon Head Office

Level 4, 360 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

T: +61 2 9332 5000

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