Our History

Board of Directors

Michael Harding

Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director

Christopher Hodge

Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer

Gerrit De Nys

Non-Executive Director

Sandra Birkensleigh

Independent Non-Executive Director

Greg Bittar

Non-Executive Director

Schedule Of Board Committee Members

Audit Committee

S Birkensleigh (Chairperson)
M Harding
G Bittar

Remuneration & Nomination Committee

G Bittar (Chairperson)
M Harding
G De Nys
S Birkensleigh

Risk Management Committee

G De Nys (Chairperson)
S Birkensleigh
B Clement
C Hodge

Disclosure Committee

M Harding (Chairperson)
C Hodge

Senior Management

Christopher Hodge

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Beament

Chief Financial Officer

Kylie Quinlivan

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Kelvin Bramley

General Manager, PNG