Diversity Policy

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1       Introduction


Horizon Oil is committed to developing a diverse workforce and providing a work environment in which all of its employees are treated fairly and with respect. Horizon Oil recognises the positive benefits arising from employee and board diversity and believes that such diversity is fundamental to business success.


At Horizon Oil, merit is the core principle for employment and all of its employees and applicants for employment are treated and evaluated according to their job-related skills, qualifications, abilities and aptitudes, regardless of gender, disability, age, race, religion, marital status, sexual preference or political belief. Horizon Oil strongly values equal opportunity and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment in the workplace and regards such actions as serious misconduct.


In support of these principles, values and commitments, the Horizon Oil Board (“Board”) has developed this Diversity Policy which embraces and encourages diversity across all levels of the organisation.



2       Objectives


To achieve and maintain diversity across all levels of the company, Horizon Oil will:


  • recruit and manage on the basis of an individual’s ability, qualification, competence and performance;
  • create a supportive work environment that enables each individual to develop their full potential;
  • appreciate and respect an individual’s talent and the unique qualities they bring to the workplace;
  • comply with all applicable equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws to ensure all employees are treated fairly and with respect;
  • create a work culture that values the contributions of its employees with diverse backgrounds and recognises that employees at all levels may have domestic responsibilities outside the work place; and
  • ensure that the Board reviews and assesses on an annual basis measurable objectives to increase diversity in workforce and the Board, with particular emphasis given to gender diversity.


3       Application


The Board is responsible for ensuring this Diversity Policy is implemented at Board level. The Board has delegated responsibility for the implementation of the policy below Board level to the Chief Executive Officer, including reporting to the Board and the Remuneration Committee and Nominations Committee on the performance of the Diversity Policy objectives.


This Diversity Policy applies to all levels of employment including the appointment of senior executives and Board members. This policy also applies to all consultants and secondees engaged directly by Horizon Oil.


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