Share Registry

In this section, Shareholders are able to link through to Horizon Oil Limited’s share registry, Boardroom Pty Limited, and perform the following tasks:


  • View your shareholding and review transactions
  • Update details, such as address and banking instructions, by logging into Boardroom Pty Limited’s website
  • Download and print forms to change details of your holding (printable forms)


To elect to receive email notification of the Annual Report and other announcements or for any general queries, please contact Boardroom directly via the below contact numbers. Alternatively you may send your enquiry via email to


To log in to the Boardroom Pty Limited web interface, please click here




T: 1300 737 760
F: 1300 653 459


T : +61 2 9290 9600
F : +61 2 9290 0644


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